As a beginner of online casino, here are some casino terms you should familiarize on:

Action means a player’s move in the game, maybe a bet or a wager

Aggregate limit means payout a single game

Ante means the minimum bet for all players before a hand begins

Banker means the dealer or player who books an action of the others who bet in the game

Bankroll means the amount of money a person has to gamble with

Barber pole means to bet with different color and value of chips

Bones refers to the gaming dice

Cap means the maximum bet in the game

Chips refers to the tokens used in the game that carries cash value

Comp means free chips or bonuses as a gambling reward

Edge means the advantage of the player

High Roller refers to the player who bets the large amount

House refers to the casino establishment

Martingale means the betting system where you double your bet after each losing bet

Odds refer to the probability of the player to win or lose

Pass means the player’s choice not to bet

Wild card refers to a joker or a card that substitutes a winning hand